101 Linebacker Drills by Jerry Sandusky

By Jerry Sandusky

A compilation of drills designed to boost and increase all uncomplicated talents for linebacker play. Well-illustrated in an easy-to-understand sort. comprises warm-up drills, stance drills, move drills, tackling drills, laying off blockers drill, run security drills, and cross dashing drills.

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The offensive blocker then gets involved in the drill. The linebacker plays off the block and makes a tackle. The proper fundamentals and techniques of tackling should be emphasized. Page 48 Drill #37: Two-On-Two Dive Objective: To enhance the ability of a linebacker learn to play off various types of blocks and make a tackle. Equipment Needed: Four blocking bags; a football. Description: The drill is organized in the same way as the dive drill, except that two additional bags are positioned about three yards outside the other bags, and that there are two blockers and two linebackers involved.

After running 20 yards, the linebackers turn around and sprint back to the original starting line. The drill is repeated. This next leg of the drill is performed by the linebackers using a right-over-left crossover step. The linebackers should be instructed to keep their eyes focused on the coach. Page 39 Drill #29: Over The Bodies Objective: To develop the ability of a linebacker to quickly change direction, to move laterally over simulated bodies, and to pick up his feet when he's moving. Equipment Needed: Four or more blocking bags.

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