101 Things to Do 'Til the Revolution: Ideas and Resources by Claire Wolfe

By Claire Wolfe

Changing into self sustaining.

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Social Security numbers have a pattern. For instance, the first three numbers are a code representing the state where your card was issued. The second two are a code denoting both date and place of issue. If you pick a number that says you're 36 years old when you're actually 21, someone might notice. S. Identity Documents (by John Q. Newman, Loompanics Unlimited, 1991) gives a chart showing the actual codes used. 4. S. Identity Documents. But this is risky; the feds might have caught on to last year's surefire method of obtaining false documents, and clampdowns allegedly aimed at illegal immigrants are causing tighter controls on all of us every day.

Put the right chemicals into an unlocked shed on the back of a local drug enforcer's lot and — voila — you have a meth 101 Things To Do 'Til The Revolution 26 lab to report. ) Of course, it might be hard to get a politically connected person arrested, and even if he or she does get busted, the cops aren't as likely to steal a politician's home or car as yours, but keep trying. It's even possible that, if the particular politician has political enemies, they'd love to engineer an arrest and property seizure.

What's going to happen to this information? You don't know and you have no way of finding out. This could be anybody calling you. For any purpose. Be paranoid; it's good for you. Don't tell anybody anything, even if they give a convincing story about who they are and how they'll use the information. Even if you happen to be talking to a legitimate pollster (a rare breed these days, when even old-line organizations like Harris and Gallup are more bent on molding opinion than 101 Things to Do 'til The Revolution 38 reporting it), why should you let your ideas, your tooth brushing habits, your car buying patterns or anything else be known to every geek in the universe?

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