52® Silly Things to Do When You Are Blue by Lynn Gordon, Susan Synarski

By Lynn Gordon, Susan Synarski

From throwing a dressing up get together for a couple of shut associates to making a private 'fun-o-dex,' this sequence of inspirational rules will deliver someone up who is feeling down.

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In the face of possibly not winning the Nobel Prize this year, it’s nice to remember how meaningful little things are. Hidden Coupons On different pieces of paper, write out ten little treat coupons for yourself and hide them in places that you won’t come across for a while, places you’re likely to forget about, like the pocket of your winter coat (if it’s summer) or between checks in your next checkbook. When you find your coupons, treat yourself to whatever it was you wrote down. Make An Album Make a photo album of your friends and loved ones.

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Flowers, Flowers, Flowers Put flowers all over your home: in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and work space. Farmer’s markets are good places to get lots of flowers inexpensively. Pick up enough so that you can give flowers to somebody else who might like them too. Rearrange Your Furniture Rearrange your furniture. Move your bed by a window to get a morning breeze, do whatever you can to let the sun in and brighten up your space. Move the furniture around just for a change and see how you like it.

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