A grammar of the Irish language by P W Joyce

By P W Joyce

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As coil, the ; will, gen. cola. 7. Sometimes c or c is of the genitive singular, introduced before the a which commonly causes other changes by syncope as cooail, sleep gen. cobalca buaioipc, trouble, gen. buaioeapca. 8. This is the case with verbal or participial nouns in ao, eat), and ugao, the genitives of which have the same form as their passive participles considered as verbs and they are all commonly ; ; : ; reckoned as belonging to this declension, though the genitive singular is formed in some by adding 3 26 ETYMOLOGY.

There is tion of the cases of IRREGULAR DECLENSION. Some nouns are irregular that is, they are 1. not inflected in accordance with any of the re; gular declensions. 2. The most important of the irregular nouns are :* bean, a woman b6, a cow bpu, a womb — ; ; ; * For additional examples of declensions of noune, both book. regular and irregular, see Appendix at the end of tbo CHAP. THE NOUN. II. I 29 caopa, a sheep; ceo, a fog; cn<5, a hut; cti, a hound tha, God Id, a day nif, a month o or ua, a grandson.

5. The vocative case is the same as what is called the nominative of address in English. nouns have different forms for these four cases, others. Thus, the four cases of bpu06n,a salmon, are for the plural number, as follows: Nom. bpaOdin, us cpf bpcibdin, three salmons ; gen. bpcibdn, as loc na 6. Irish and for no — m-bpaodn, the lake of the salmons dat. bpaOdncnb, as bo na bpaOdnaib, to the salmons toc. bpaOdna, as a bpaOdna, ca b-puil pib 05 bul? " 7. These four cases are not always different in form thus the four cases of the same noun in the singular number ; are: — Noin, bpaOdn gen.

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