ABCs of Rifle Shooting by David Watson

By David Watson

Imagine you recognize rifle shooting?

you are going to after studying Abcs of Rifle Shooting via David Watson! With this entire examine the weather you must connect to your objective, you will get not just the Abcs, however the Ds via Zs, too! inside of, you will find:

  • Getting accurate--bolts to bullets, barrels to respiring, no element is missed.
  • Optics, add-ons, why and after they help.
  • Beyond windage: spin-drift, the Coriolis influence, atmospheric pressures and extra explained.
  • And a lot, a lot more!

the loads of info that pass into making a correct shot--at any distance, in any place--are very well right here in Gun Digest's Abcs of Rifle Shooting. certainly, when you may have just one quantity at the artwork of triggering your rifle always, effectively, each time you line up your attractions on objective, this is often the publication to have.

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An advancement of regular fluting is that of “spiral” fluting. In this process, the barrel is indexed and rotated at a specific rate. The flutes are then ground in while the barrel rotates, resulting in a spiral about the axis of the barrel. The benefits of this are that first, as the individual flutes are longer, more metal is removed and the surface area is further increased over standard fluting. Second, as the flutes are cut as a spiral, there is less opportunity for the barrel to exhibit harmonic or stress-related problems, because the flutes do not run along the axis of the barrel.

This data and its use in the Greenhill formula can provide an adequate rule of thumb as to the required twist rate. 223 rifles, a twist rate of 1:14 is adequate to a 55-grain projectiles, while a 1:9 is required for 65-grain and heavier projectiles. 308 rifles, 1:12 is fine for projectiles up to 168 grains, and 1:9 is required for projectiles over the 200-grain mark. View a text version of this table RIFLING Looking beyond the twist rate, the shooter can consider the style of rifling to be used.

There are also several aftermarket stock manufacturers that produce injection-molded stocks of various types, each sporting “special features” that makes one manufacturer’s stock better than its competitors’. In reality, all injection-molded stocks need to be grouped together, as their disadvantages are the same across the board. While the advantage of injection-molded stocks (other than cost) is their light weight, this advantage also forms their principal disadvantage, that being a lack of rigidity.

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