African Football, Identity Politics and Global Media by Tendai Chari, Nhamo A. Mhiripiri

By Tendai Chari, Nhamo A. Mhiripiri

This edited quantity addresses key debates round African soccer, identification development, fan cultures, and either African and worldwide media narratives. utilizing the 2010 FIFA global Cup in South Africa as a lens, it explores how soccer in Africa is in detail certain up with deeper social, cultural and political currents.

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This sparked off the first of many (mainly one-sided) discussions we will have about the state of contemporary South Africa under black governance. Pieter tells me of rampant crime and how he has recently been robbed at home. He has clearly had a torrid few months and has evidently had as much as he can take. He has decided to downsize and move to a smaller place. We took the short drive to Kempton Park and as we arrived at Pieter’s house we were greeted by his lovely black maid who proceeded to cook us schnitzel with delicious pumpkin mash.

This issue raises the question of FIFA’s commodification and governmentalization of football fandom. FIFA is profit-oriented, and the World Cup is a money machine. In terms of the Association’s rights-protection programme, spectators were not permitted to wear mass-produced, commercially branded clothing or accessories during matches unless those products were licensed to FIFA. Special courts were set up to deal with violations of these regulations. This kind of commodity fetishism and its inevitable accompaniment of corruption have been well documented over decades of studies of the Nathalie Hyde-Clarke, Rune Ottosen and Toby Miller 21 World Cup (Sugden & Tomlinson, 1998; Jennings, 2006).

More white people watch soccer than before, and more black people watch rugby. This is different from what we saw before. Those who could no longer see benefits cited a number of factors. The most prominent was lack of momentum and commitment to building a national spirit: • We all seemed united, but when the World Cup ended, the unity ended with it. It could have been retained through other activities. Nathalie Hyde-Clarke, Rune Ottosen and Toby Miller 25 • We did this to show unity to foreigners, and now they are not around so it is pointless.

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