Aikido: The co-ordination of mind and body for self-defence by Koichi Tohei

By Koichi Tohei

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This gun does not have a cartridge in the chamber. Release the slide to close shut under its own spring tension. Chamber Checking the Semi-Automatic: “Claw” Method Another method, “The Claw,” is is sometimes used on semiautos that do not have exposed hammers but do have slide-mounted decocking levers and no exposed hammer. To chamber check using the Claw Method: Hold the weapon in your support-side hand. Place your firing-side thumb on the tang of the weapon while engaging both ears of the decocking lever on the slide with your index and middle finger of the firing-side hand.

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This is a very real benefit of training. In the chapters that follow, I’ll be referencing these natural reactions to explain why I make certain recommendations. Working with the body’s natural reactions Why the focus on these reactions? As I said earlier, these reactions affect how and what you train. We go back to our task of efficiency, making the best use of our resources to achieve a specific goal. If the techniques you’ve trained run counter to what your body actually does when threatened, your response is likely to be delayed (or even circumvented).

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