American Boys Book of Signs, Signals and Symbols by Daniel Carter Beard

By Daniel Carter Beard

Иллюстрированная Энциклопедия знаков, сигналов, жестов и символов.

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77. face with two staring eyes, tells the wayfarer that the place so marked is safe camp, a camp where one not be molested. ) will CHAPTER WORD VIII SIGNS SOME SIGNS NOT OTHERWISE CLASSIFIED, FOR CONVENIENCE HERE CALLED WORD-SIGNS SOME signs represent things, some represent conditions, while ideas, some others signs represent represent time, weather, direction or tell certain secrets, but the following signs are mostly what, for convenience, we will call word and as such are very useful in telling a connected For instance, we here have signs for anger, trade, story.

A &/CKNES5J CAMP O f Fig. 65. piece of bark or wisp grass nu ng on the limb of a tree or on a tripod means that someone camp. " (J. W. Powell, U. S. ) Fig. 66. ) a tree. Bad luck. TRAIL SIGNS 47 Fig. 67. All the bark removed means a grave and dangerous situaCALAM/TY tion. According to H. L. " CHAPTER VII SIGNS OF GOOD LUCK GOOD FORTUNE, PLENTY. AND JOY IT is to be expected that there should be a dearth of these signs in the underworld, that is, no signs conveying the ing of good fortune as we understand it.

A parrallelogram with . , , J. in the center mdicates the a dot OAN&tfU

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