Badminton handbook: training - tactics - competition by Bernd-Volker Brahms

By Bernd-Volker Brahms

This e-book is a compact, groundbreaking education guide that offers the reader an total perception into the realm of badminton. it's divided into elements. the 1st half offers with education conception whereas the second one comprises heritage information regarding the game and its stars, therefore giving the reader an total perception into the area of badminton.--back cover.

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The right hitting arm is horizontal at chest height in front of the body. • The feet are either parallel next to each other (with the knees slightly bent) or the left leg lunges forward slightly to the left. • The shot is hit with a powerful twist of the forearm. • The shot is hit low and either parallel or diagonally over the net. • The thumb of the hitting hand should press the racket handles to increase the leverage effect of the shot. Drill 1: Hunt: Players A and B hit the ball to each other quick and with a flat trajectory over the net using both forehands and backhands.

The overlapping areas are situated underneath the body (underhand area) and round the head. 4 5 3 3 2 2 1 1 Forehand Backhand 1 = Underhand 2 = Sidehand/lateral 3 = Overhand 4 = Overhead 5 = Round the head Fig. 23: The hitting areas In these overlapping areas, the player must decide whether to play a forehand or backhand. In the round the head section, the forehand is recommended as the shuttle can then be hit harder and there is no danger (as in the case of the backhand) of the player turning his back to the net thereby taking his eyes off his opponent.

Player A must then neutralize this shot with a short shot played toward the center of the court, for player B to return this short shot into player A’s forehand corner. A flat shot into player B’s backhand corner completes the sequence and it can be repeated as desired. Tip from a pro: Marc Zwiebler, BC Beuel Born 1984 German Men’s Singles Champion 2005, 2008, 2009 Olympian in 2008 Runner-up Denmark Super Series 2009 Into the corner: The opponent chooses two corners to cover and lets the player run from the forehand corner forward to the net and then cross-court to the backhand corner in no particular order (can be in a particular order to start with).

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