Basketball's 1-4 Motion Offenses for Men's and Women's by Harry L.Mike Harkins, etc.

By Harry L.Mike Harkins, etc.

Publication by way of Harkins, Harry L.Mike, and so on.

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This tells (5) to make a backdoor cut on X5. This may be keyed by (1) ''pulling the string'' (faking a pass) on the pass to (5) which results in (5)'s v-cut on a backdoor move. It can also be keyed by (5) using an outside arm, down, closed fist signal to trigger the move. If (5) is not open, the offside wing (3) replaces (5) out front, and (5) V-cuts to (3)'s former wing spot. (1) passes to (3), and the motion resumes (see Diagram 5-24). Diagram 5-23: Direct backdoor Diagram 5-24: High flex lob Page 58 The Wing-Clear Entry As point guard (1) dribbles toward the head of the key, a wing (see (2) in Diagram 525) clears across the lane.

On the offside, (2) makes a V-cut and brushes off the double down screen of (5) and (4), and cuts to the point (see Diagram 4-15). If (3) is not open on the backdoor cut, (1) passes to (2) at the point. (5) and (3) V-cut back to the wings (see Diagram 4-16). Page 43 Diagram 4-13 Diagram 4-14 Diagram 4-15: Double down away Diagram 4-16: Reset 1-4 From there, (2) may shoot, key the inside triangle by passing to a wing (as to (5) in Diagram 4-17), or bounce pass to a post (as to (4) in Diagram 4-18), and key the backdoor continuity.

Page 47 Diagram 4-30: Post roll Diagram 4-31: Post lob Diagram 4-32 The Fake Hand-off Variation (No. 4 Variation of the Penetration Weave) During the weave, the dribbling hand-off player can occasionally fake the hand-off. When this occurs (see (2) in Diagram 4-33), the potential receiver (3) keeps moving and cuts over the high post (4). Diagram 4-33: Fake hand-off Page 48 (2) stops and looks for the possible lob pass to (3). If (3) is not open, (5) screens the screener (4), who rolls to the ballside low-post area (see Diagram 4-34).

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