Bell's Theorem and Quantum Realism: Reassessment in Light of by Douglas L. Hemmick

By Douglas L. Hemmick

Quantum concept provides an odd photo of the area, delivering no actual account of actual houses except remark. Neils Bohr felt that this mirrored a center fact of nature: "There is not any quantum global. there's simply an summary mathematical description." one of the most vital advancements due to the fact that Bohr’s day has been the concept of John S. Bell. it is very important think about no matter if Bell’s research helps this kind of denial of microrealism. during this booklet, we review the location when it comes to an early paintings of Erwin Schrödinger. Doing so, we see how Bell’s theorem is conceptually relating to the Conway and Kochen loose Will theorem and likewise to all of the significant anti-realism efforts. you can actually express that none of those analyses indicate the impossibility of aim realism. we discover that Schrödinger’s paintings ends up in the derivation of a brand new sequence of theoretical proofs and strength experiments, every one regarding “entanglement,” the hyperlink among debris in a few quantum systems.


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Since f i (O 1 , O 2 , . 9) for the commuting set {O 1 , O 2 , . }, it follows that every joint-eigenvalue µ of the set must satisfy all such relationships. We now discuss the demonstration of the second point. Suppose that the numbers {ξ1 , ξ2 , . 9) for some commuting set {O 1 , O 2 , . }. 4 Contextuality Theorems and Spectral Incompatibility 33 the following relation: O 1 − μ11 2 + O 2 − μ21 2 + ... O 1 − μ12 2 + O 2 − μ22 2 + . . . ψ = 0. 11) Here, we operate on the vector ψ with a product whose factors each consist of a sum of various operators.

This implies that the values of sθ, φ and s180◦ −θ,180+φ will be equal. , the “antipodes”, must receive the same assignment from E. Suppose that one direction and its antipode are painted red. These points form the two poles of a great circle, and all points along this circle must then be painted blue, since all such points represent directions orthogonal to the directions of our two ‘red’ points. 5). Suppose we paint the entire first octant of the sphere red. In terms of the coordinates used by geographers, this is similar to the region in the Northern hemisphere between 0 and 90◦ longitude.

171–181 (1971). This article is reprinted in [57], p. : Speakable and Unspeakable in Quantum Mechanics. : The Undivided Universe: An Ontological Interpretation of Quantum Theory. : A Survey of Hidden-Variables Theories. : The Structure and Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. : The Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics. : von Neumann’s hidden - parameter proof. Am. J. Phys. : Can hidden variables be excluded in quantum mechanics? Helv. Phys. : Can quantum mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete?

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