Borland C++ Power Programming by Clayton Walnum

By Clayton Walnum

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This is because a class is really nothing more than a custom data type. Once you have created a data type, you can create as many instances of that data as you need. For example, one standard data type is an integer. It’s absurd to think that a program can have only one integer. You can declare many integers, just about all you want. The same is true of classes. Once you define a new class, you can create many instances of the class. Each instance (called an object) normally has full access to the class’ member functions and gets its own copy of the data members.

The process of designing a class is rarely as easy as it was with the car simulation, because classes are often based on abstractions rather than physical objects like automobiles. This makes it difficult to know which parts of a program belong in the object and which don’t. Moreover, a complex program has many classes, many of which are derived from classes that may have been derived from still other classes. And each class may have many data and function members. Obviously, designing classes requires some thought and the careful application of the object-oriented philosophy.

Because drawing a point is different from drawing a square, you have to put polymorphism to work and use a virtual function for the drawing task. 11 is the header file for a Shape class. This class needs no implementation file because the class is fully implemented in the header file. The constructor is implemented in-line, and the pure virtual function DrawShape() requires no implementation because it is only a placeholder for derived classes. 11. H—the header file for the Shape class. 11. 11, Shape does nothing but initialize the data members color, sx, and sy, which are the color and x,y coordinates of the object.

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