C/C++ Programmer's Reference by Herbert Schildt

By Herbert Schildt

This advisor stories the foundations and syntax of the main instructions that include C and its object-oriented cousin, C++. The reference comprises 19 chapters that outline operators and the normal input/output, string, personality, and extra.

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Operator Overloading In C++, operators can be overloaded by using the operator keyword. ) Operator overloading is not supported by C. Operator Precedence Summary The following table lists the precedence of all C and C++ operators. , associate from left to right. Precedence Highest Operators ( ) [ ] –> :: . : = + = – = *= ' /= %= >> = << = &= ^= |= Chapter 4: The Preprocessor and Comments Overview C and C++ include several preprocessor directives, which are used to give instructions to the compiler.

It is completely optional and seldom used. , true/false) values. , true/false). _Bool is an integer type, and it differs from the C++ keyword bool. Thus, C99 and C++ are incompatible on this point. Also, C++ defines the built-in Boolean constants true and false, but C99 does not. h>, which defines the macros bool, true, and false. Thus, C/C++-compatible code can be easily created. The reason that _Bool rather than bool was specified as a keyword is that many existing C programs had already defined their own custom versions of bool.

A reinterpret_cast should be used for casting inherently incompatible pointer types. Only const_cast can cast away constness. That is, neither dynamic_cast, static_cast, nor reinterpret_cast can alter the constness of an object. 36 Chapter 3: Operators Chapter 3: Operators 37 The I/O Operators In C++, the << and the >> are overloaded to perform I/O operations. When used in an expression in which the left operand is a stream, the >> is an input operator and the << is an output operator. In the language of C++, the >> is called an extractor because it extracts data from the input stream.

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