Circuit Analysis II with MATLAB Applications by Steven T. Karris

By Steven T. Karris

Designed to be used in a moment path in circuit research, this article engages an entire spectrum of circuit research similar matters starting from the main summary to the main sensible. this isn't a math textual content. besides the fact that, the differential equations and Laplace transformation fabric provided during this textual content is enough for the derivation of pertinent family and there's no have to check with complicated math texts. Featured are equipment of expressing signs when it comes to the common capabilities, an creation to moment order circuits, and a number of other examples of reading electrical circuits utilizing Laplace transformation equipment. even though now not written explicitly for use with MATLAB, this article offers many helpful counsel and techniques for MATLAB, permitting scholars to get the main out of the preferred application. the entire details supplied is designed to be lined in a single semester or quarters. for additional info. please stopover at the Orchard courses website.

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Therefore, the total response is v C t = 60 2 cos t – 135q + k 1 e – 2t + k2 e – 3t (1)  Using the initial condition v C 0 = 0 and (1) we get 1-48 Circuit Analysis II with MATLAB Applications Orchard Publications Solutions to Exercises  v C 0 = 0 = 60 2 cos – 135q + k 1 + k 2 and since cos – 135q = – 2 e 2 the above expression reduces to k 1 + k 2 = 60 (2) Differentiating (1) we get dv – 2t – 3t -------C- = 60 2 sin t + 45q + – 2k 1 e – 3k 2 e dt and dv C -------dt = 60 2 sin 45q – 2k 1 – 3k 2 t=0 dv -------Cdt dv dt i C = 60 – 2k 1 – 3k 2 (3) t=0 i C Also, -------C- = ---C- = ---L- and at t = 0 dv C -------dt t=0  iL 0 = --------------- = 0 (4) C Equating (3) and (4) we get 2k 1 + 3k 2 = 60 (5) Simultaneous solution of (2) and (5) yields k 1 = 120 and k 2 = – 60 .

Circuit for Exercise 2 ` 3. 23, the switch S has been closed for a very long time and opens at t = 0 . Compute v C t for t ! 0 . 23. Circuit for Exercise 3 1-38 Circuit Analysis II with MATLAB Applications Orchard Publications Exercises ` 4. 24, the switch S has been closed for a very long time and opens at t = 0 . Compute v C t for t ! 0 . 24. Circuit for Exercise 4 5. 25, the switch S has been in position A for closed for a very long time and it is placed in position B at t = 0 . Find the value of R that will cause the circuit to become critically damped and then compute v C t and i L t for t !

100). 024*cos(1000*t)+k2*sin(1000*t))... 008 sin 6280t 1-34 Circuit Analysis II with MATLAB Applications Orchard Publications Other Second Order Circuits We use Excel to sketch v out t . In Column A we enter several values of time t and in Column B v out t . 20. 20. 9 Summary x Circuits that contain energy storing devices can be described by integrodifferential equations and upon differentiation can be simplified to differential equations with constant coefficients. x A second order circuit contains two energy storing devices.

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