City of Nets: A Portrait of Hollywood in the 1940's by Otto Friedrich

By Otto Friedrich

In 1939, fifty million americans went to the flicks per week, Louis B. Mayer used to be the highest-paid guy within the nation, and Hollywood produced 530 function motion pictures a 12 months. One decade and 5 thousand video clips later, the studios have been faltering. The Nineteen Forties grew to become the last decade of Hollywood's decline: anticommunist hysteria excommunicated a few of its most sensible expertise, whereas a 1948 antitrust consent decree ended a few of the enterprise practices that had made the studio procedure so profitable.

In this masterful paintings of cultural heritage, the mythical Otto Friedrich tells the tale of Hollywood's heyday and decline in a brilliant narrative that includes an all-star solid of the actors, writers, musicians, composers, manufacturers, administrators, racketeers, exertions leaders, newshounds, and politicians who performed significant elements within the motion picture capital throughout the turbulent decade from international struggle II to the Korean War.

Friedrich attracts on assets from famous person biographies to trade-union historical past, mingling energetic gossip with research of Hollywood's seedier company dealings and telling the tales of mythical video clips similar to Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity, and All approximately Eve.

A vintage portrait of a unique position in a different time, City of Nets supplies us a novel behind-the-scenes glimpse right into a bygone period that also captivates our imaginations.

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