Communicating with Normal and Retarded Children by W. I. Fraser, R. Grieve

By W. I. Fraser, R. Grieve

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Developmental language problems (DLD) happen while a baby fails to advance his or her local language frequently for no obvious cause. behind schedule improvement of speech and/or language is without doubt one of the commonest purposes for folks of preschool young children to hunt the recommendation in their family members health practitioner. even if a few kids speedily enhance, others have extra chronic language problems.

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8 , 1 0 9 - 1 2 1 . Irwin O. C. and Curry T. (1941) Vowel elements in the crying vocalization of infants under ten days of age. Child Dev. 12, 9 9 - 1 0 9 . , Dunn H. K. and Lacey L. V. /. Acoust. Am. 1 7 , 1 9 - 4 9 . Lieberman P. (1973) On the evolution of language: a unified view. Cognition 2 , 5 9 94. , Vuorenkoski V. et al. (1965) The vocalization of a newborn brain-damaged child. Ann. Paediatr. Fenn. 13, 5 6 - 6 3 . , Rösberg G. et al. (1970) Spectrographic analysis of vocal response to pain stimuli in infants with Down's syndrome.

It will one day prove to be a fascinating glimpse of prevailing ideologies of our own age that for a decade and more research was directed at a similar holy grail: to establish that language (language in general this time) is original with man, in other words to establish that language is innate. The innateness hypothesis of language is due to Chomsky (see, in particular, 1959; 1965, chap. 1; 1972; 1975, chap. 1), though its application to language acquisition studies was first suggested by McNeill (1966).

However there was a vocal 'fry' Fig. 9. Narrow band pattern of portion of vocalization showing vocal fry 1-4—1-8 seconds. present (Fig. 9), which could explain the harshness and dysphonia characteristic of the dwarf throughout his life. ) What is of particular interest is that the listener was distracted by the individual's appearance; because the speaker was dwarfed, a slightly higher pitch than normal was perceived as low. ) A finding such as this emphasizes the importance of bearing in mind that our normal adult's perception of the mentally handicapped individual's language may not be veridical, as we are tempted to suppose.

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