Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine by Eric Weiss

By Eric Weiss

Progressive improve in emergency medication wisdom, ideas, and kit, in addition to a brand new typical of first reduction perform permeate the textual content and supply the basis for lay humans to supply important emergency care in distant settings.

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41 a & b - One rescuer Weiss Technique (standing) for reducing a dislocated shoulder Fig. 42 - Two rescuer Weiss Technique (standing) for reducing a dislocated shoulder 82 Dislocations Dislocations 83 Weiss Technique (Sitting) While the victim is sitting, grab his forearm close to his elbow with both of your hands. With the victim’s elbow bent at 90 degrees, pull steady downward traction on the arm by pulling on his forearm. After about a minute of sustained traction, slowly raise the entire Fig.

If a dislocation can’t be reduced, splint the extremity in the most comfortable position for the victim. 80 Dislocations Shoulder Dislocation Shoulder dislocations are common in kayakers and skiers because paddles and ski poles place added force on the joint. For a shoulder dislocation to occur, the arm is usually pulled away from the body, rotated outwards and extended backwards. This can occur when a kayaker high braces or attempts to roll his boat. The arm gets yanked out of its socket and lodges in front of the joint.

Method for producing traction (trucker’s hitch); 6. Padding. Traction Splint (cont’d) ankle. Adjust the two pieces of material so that the ends are centered under the arch of the shoe and the traction is in line with the leg (Fig. 35). The foot should be at a 90-degree angle with the ankle. warning: Before applying an improvised splint to the victim, test your creation on a noninjured member of your party or at least the noninjured leg of the victim. 1) Apply an ankle hitch. It is best to leave the shoe on the victim’s foot and apply the hitch over it.

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