Creatures of Middle Earth (MERP ICE #8005) by Peter C. Fenlon Jr., Ruth S. Pitt, Jeff O'Hare

By Peter C. Fenlon Jr., Ruth S. Pitt, Jeff O'Hare


In a delusion position taking part in online game, you develop into a major personality in an event you create. With Creatures of Middle-earth you could upload the creatures from J.R.R. Tolkien's THE HOBBIT and THE LORD OF THE earrings on your delusion online game. listed below are Endor's strongest creatures, the recognized and notorious beasts and monsters who impact the heritage of Middle-earth. Summon them so as to add drama and possibility on your online game.

How do you want to duel Smaug the Dragon or hunt a Kraken within the tough Southern Seas? might you outrace a Fell Beast or vanquish an undead Barrow-wight? have you attempted to tame a wild Kine or elude a hungry pack of Wargs?

This quantity describes the animals and monsters in Tolkien's global. every one species has a common heritage and a personality thesaurus that alphabetically lists significant members. those beings are defined by way of visual appeal, motivation, features, and history. video game records for the MERP and Rolemaster video game structures also are incorporated. those stats might be simply switched over to such a lot significant FRP platforms.

Inside you'll locate:

Animals - every little thing from nice Eagles and Mearas of Rohan to the lowly Neekerbreekers

Flying Beasts
Crawling Beasts
Swimming Beasts
Monsters - starting from fiery Dragons to pitiless Wargs

Animate vegetation
Flying Monsters
Giant Races
Water Monsters

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