Curling: steps to success by Sean Turriff

By Sean Turriff

construct a rock-solid set of foundational talents and information and increase functionality with Curling: Steps to Success.

across the world well known trainer Sean Turriff brings his broad adventure and services to Curling: Steps to Success, offering avid gamers and coaches with a pragmatic, step by step structure that develops and improves curlers’ basic ability point and choice making. Supplemented by means of greater than ninety pictures and illustrations, the publication covers crucial curling talents corresponding to throws, brushing, supply, easy photographs, and ice examining. integrated are specific reasons of the jobs and obligations of every group member in addition to sensible fee issues for gauging gamers’ mastery of abilities and selecting whilst to growth to extra complicated strategies and video game suggestions.

no matter if you're simply starting or have event at the sheet, the book’s particular photograph sequences, professional guideline, and developmental drills can have you focusing on the rock competently and continuously very quickly. a part of the preferred Steps to luck sequence, which has bought greater than million copies all over the world, Curling: Steps to luck is your advisor to on-the-sheet luck.

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Your score ___ Curling Delivery: Approach Approach Drill 2 Balance Check Get into a final setup position. Have a partner lightly push your shoulders from both sides, from the front, and from the back. Success Check Score Your Success • Hips and feet should not change position when you are pushed. • Shoulders may change position slightly. Score 1 point for every push that does not result in foot or hip movement. Your score ___ THE PATH OF DELIVERY When calling a shot, your skip will give you the various pieces of information needed in order to achieve the desired outcome.

1b) so they do not have to accelerate as quickly as the player delivering the stone. Brushers will never start brushing before the stone has been released by the delivering player. Brushing is done with a partner, which complicates matters not only physically but also mentally in the decision-making process. Brushing has maximum effect when both brushers are as close to the stone as possible. 2) so that both players can get their brush heads as close to the rock as possible. Being close to the rock is important so that the warming effect on the ice isn’t lost before the rock reaches the brushed ice.

TO DECREASE DIFFICULTY • Make the weight call later. The call must be made before the far hog line. • Allow more leeway for the points. 2 m) for 2 points. Success Check • Use your judgement to correctly gauge the stopping point of the stone. Call out your judgement loudly at the correct point so that a person in the house could accurately hear you. 6 m) of your call = 2 points Your score ___ 15 Curling: Steps to Success USE OF STOPWATCHES IN BRUSHING Stopwatches can be used to help assess how fast or slow the ice is running.

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