Dark Kingdom of Jade (Wraith: The Oblivion) by Richard Dakan, Markleford Freidman

By Richard Dakan, Markleford Freidman

In the East, the Shadows are Lengthening
From Hunan to Hokkaido, the 1st Soverign Emperor principles the lands of the useless. Ghostly watchmen peer over the haunted remnants of the nice Wall, whereas the Emperor's arm reaches into the very depths of Hell itself. Come, event for your self the wonders and the terrors of Qin Shihuang's realm. simply because your lifeless doesn't suggest that you've obvious everything.

Do You Dare Pit Your Will opposed to the Jade Emperor's?
The 'Dark nation of Jade' is the 1st darkish Kingdoms sourcebook for Wraith: The Oblivion. Containing every little thing essential to run a Jade country chronicle, it's a entire resource for info at the chinese language Shadowlands, in addition to providing new details at the Conquered Territories, Hell, and the lands of the residing.

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Hand the players a copy of the agenda (Handout #1). Note that the agenda calls for magical bindings to prevent eavesdropping—any character with Sorcery can easily enact such a binding. Let them stew for a moment. The door opens and a dynamic, forceful head of hair enters the room, closely followed by its owner. He shakes your hands firmly and warmly, a good handshake that makes your input feel valued. He smiles winningly. ‘Hi. Hi. Good to see you. Good to see you. Hi. Yah. ’ Damien Holt, MP for some godsforsaken part of the Midlands sits down at the head of the table and opens up a dossier.

SCORPION STARE • Turns any CCTV camera into look-to-kill weapon. • UK already has highest CCTV density in world. • Proven to be effective on any carbon-based life form. Not all targets are vulnerable. 2. EMERALD JAVELIN • Missile-deployed banishing grid. • Still in testing but early results are promising. • Multiple potential vectors (air, sea, shoulder-launched). Limited by production and cost. 3. REFUGES • Reactivation of Regional Government Headquarters Plan (1979). • Custom-built and renovated bunkers.

The whole place was redecorated in an attempt to sell it; there are no personal touches or mementos anywhere and no furniture bar the bare minimum. A smell of burnt coffee pervades the house. The Bodies Searching the bodies turns up no wallets or money, suggesting they were hastily robbed after being shot. The three victims match the description given by the taxi driver of the men who attacked him. SAN Loss for finding the corpses is 0/1D3. There is a coffee machine running on the countertop, with four coffee-stained cups in front of it.

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