Dark Sun Campaign Setting (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: by Robert J. Schwalb, Richard Baker, Rodney Thompson

By Robert J. Schwalb, Richard Baker, Rodney Thompson

Discover a savage, wondrous world...

Aimed at gamers and Dungeon Masters, this online game complement explores the heroes and wonders of Athas—a savage wasteland global deserted by way of the gods and governed by way of bad sorcerer-kings. Use it to construct Dark Sun® heroes and exciting D&D® adventures set within the Seven towns of the Tyr quarter, the Ivory Triangle, the ocean of Silt, and monster-infested wastelands—or plunder it to your personal D&D campaign!
The Dark Sun crusade Setting presents fascinating personality concepts for D&D players, together with new races, new personality subject matters and sophistication builds, new paragon paths and epic destinies, and new gear. It additionally presents every little thing Dungeon Masters have to run 4th version Dark Sun campaigns or comprise Dark Sun components of their homebrew campaigns. It has ideas and recommendation for dealing with survival demanding situations, enviornment encounters, desolate tract terrain, and experience production. It additionally offers a quick, ready-to-play introductory experience.

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A caravan master might have to lead the cara van’s guards and drivers in battle, search out a new 44 path when a familiar road becomes buried in the shifting sands, bribe greedy officials, or enforce brutal discipline on a rebellious underling. It takes a rare combination of character judgment, business acumen, and physical courage—attributes you have cultivated for years. On the open desert, you are the master of your fate, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. CARAVAN MASTER PATH FEATURES Road-Hardened (11th level): You gain a +1 bonus to speed.

Until the end of the encounter, the target takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls against you and your allies, and the target counts as one of your allies for the purpose of flanking with you or your allies. In addition, until the end of the encounter you can make the following attack against the target. Standard Action Ranged 5 Attack: Primary ability + 9 vs. Will Hit: The target makes an attack as a free action against an enemy adjacent to it with an at-will attack power of your choice. 0 I CHAPTER 3 Character Themes 45 4 - ~ ELEMENTAL PRiEST “I hold the wrath offire in my grasp, the endurance ofrock in my shoulders.

Encounter Minor Action Personal Effect: You make an Athletics check to jump. This jump does not provoke opportunity attacks. 4 Paralyzing Bite Thri-Kreen Predator Attack 20 In the adrenaline rush of combat, your mandiblesfill with a toxin that paralyzes afoe that you bite. Daily + Poison, Reliable Standard Action Melee 1 Target: One creature Attack: Strength, Constitution, or Dexterity + 9 vs. Fortitude Hit: 2d6 + Strength, Constitution, or Dexterity modifier poison damage, and the target is stunned until the end of your next turn.

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