Data Structures, Algorithms, and Program Style by James F. Korsh

By James F. Korsh

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11. Explain why we must know the data type of the information stored in variables A and B in order to multiply their contents correctly. 12. 2. Write an algorithm, in English, that will allow someone who knows addition tables up to 9 to compute the correct sum of the contents of A and B. The algorithm must yield the correct result no matter what integers are stored in A and B. 13. This is the same as Exercise 12 except that reals are represented, and the algorithm should yield the correct sum represented as a real number.

An array entry is identified by qualifying the array name by the entry's position. To identify a member in a structure, the structure name is qualified by the member name. , book_number) and its type for each of four variables. It also specifies the range of values for an array index for each of the four arrays. An array index refers to a position of the array. Book_number,author,prices, and library have array indexes that may take on values in the range 0 to 79, 0 to 39, 0 to 79, and 0 to 29, respectively.

The merit of records and arrays lies in the fact that they allow random access to any one of their fields or entries. Random access is accomplished by direct location of the desired piece of information, without regard to sequence. This means that access to an item may be accomplished in a fixed amount of time, no matter what item was previously accessed. This contrasts with sequential access, where the time required to access an item depends on the number of items stored between that item and the last item accessed, since each of the intermediate items must be accessed.

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