Deadly Road To Yuma (Blood Bond, Book 13) by William W. Johnstone

By William W. Johnstone

A madman and a killer, Preacher Joshua coloration is on an extended trip to Yuma criminal and a date with the hangman. yet Matt Bodine and Sam Wolves doubt that coloration will ever preserve that date. The outlaw has a legion of fanatical, bloodthirsty fans. Matt and Sam are shadowing Shade's convoy - simply in case...The blood brothers are lifeless correct - and fallacious as hell. whilst the time comes, color is sprung, a stunning younger girl is thinking about him, and it is as much as Matt and Sam to seek them to a seriously guarded hideout. yet they do not know that the case of Joshua color reaches into the top point of the federal government...Or that they are now dealing with a dangerous seize designed to kill someone in pursuit - irrespective of how a ways you have got come, or how briskly you draw your gun...

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This fella just killed the guard Sheriff Flagg posted up here,” Matt explained as he gestured with his gun toward the man he had knocked out. ” “Shade,” Sam said in a flat, hard voice. “Yeah, that’s what I figure, too. Another of his men sent a signal from the top of the bank. ” “That’s right,” Matt said. ” Matt started toward the ladder, then paused. “You might use this gent’s belt to lash his hands behind his back. ” Matt was already swinging a leg over the roof and onto the ladder. ” Then he started down the rungs as fast as he could go, skipping some of them and practically bouncing off of the ladder as he descended.

Even if the settlers knew they were coming, it wouldn’t matter. There wouldn’t be time for them to mount an effective defense before the raiders were right on top of them. The gang still had enough of an element of surprise, even if the men sent into town to kill the lookouts had been discovered. Besides, Shade and Garth knew that the citizens of Arrowhead didn’t represent any real danger. They were storekeepers, blacksmiths, and clerks. There might be a few tough cowboys from the nearby ranches in the saloons, but when you stopped to think about it… Just how many real fighting men could there be in a place like this anyway?

Matt chuckled as he pushed the batwings aside and stepped into the saloon. Sam was right behind him. Both of them froze as the batwings flapped closed behind them. Men with shotguns had been concealed on both sides of the entrance, and now those Greeners were pointed at the blood brothers. “Don’t move, you sons o’ bitches,” one of the men warned. A dozen other men scattered around the room raised revolvers and pointed them at Matt and Sam. The one who had spoken before went on. ” Matt took a deep breath and said, “Oh, yeah.

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