Edika, tome 23 : La double vie de Clark Gaybeul by Edika

By Edika

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45 * * * Suddenly there were signs of someone moving on the other side of the pile of cargo, and sure enough, there was Ragusa, strange lines pressed into his face, as though he'd used his arm as a pillow, and stretching hugely. He first looked at Lawrence, then cast his gaze at Holo, who leaned against Lawrence, sleeping. Ragusa grinned and yawned. When Lawrence looked ahead of the boat to where Ragusa pointed, he saw docks built up on both sides of the river. It was a tariff station, just like the ones that were unavoidable when cross­ ing mountains and plains by wagon.

In the spring and early summer when the water level is higher, they say the shipments of lumber that are floated down the river are an amazing sight, looking like some great water serpent, but at the moment, all they could see both fore and aft was the orderly line of boats. There were also sheep drinking at the river and travelers walk­ ing alongside it and the clouds floating gently overhead. If Halo was motivated by curiosity, she was also quick to lose interest. She rested her chin on the edge of the ship's hull, her face a mask of understandable boredom, occasionally dangling her fin­ gertips in the water and sighing.

The boatman's hair was graying, and he seemed older than Ragusa and his friend. "If he were, he wouldn't be aboard ship with such a worried face:' 50 "Mm, true. Oh, could it be . " As the two boatmen made light conversation, the boy on the dock trembled out of rage or cold and looked at the piece of paper he held. He then looked back up, as if unwilling to give up, but bit his lip at the spear tip that was pointed at him. He took a step back, then another, finally coming up to the edge of the dock.

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