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By Dougall A. (ed)

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Non Sequitur author Wiley Miller actually broke the comic strip mould while he first released his strip in 1992. This highly well known comic strip is brim-full of witty observations on life's idiosyncrasies. The identify of the cartoon comes from the Latin translation of "it doesn't persist with. " each one strip or panel stands by itself person advantages.

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D. Mike Doonesbury Mark Slackmeyer Phil Slackmeyer Zonker Harris Barbara Ann Boopstein Nguyen Van Phred Bernie Rufus Jackson Rev. Scot Sloan Joanie Caucus Jim Andrews President King Roland Burton Hedley, Jr. In 1970, there were so many banners afield, so many movements afire. And since the action was predominantly playing out on college campuses, I decided to stick with the undergraduate scene I knew. For the next twelve years, the core characters in Doonesbury stayed put, happily hunkered down at Walden, the cozy commune that housed them as they faithfully failed to age out of college.

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The place seemed ideal, and set in motion a simple tale of convergence: Alice is seated behind the taxi table when out of the afternoon sunlight wanders troubled financier Phil Slackmeyer. A refugee from a different story line, Phil encounters Alice at the nadir of his fortunes. Like Alice, Phil is there to recall a more innocent time, when as a City College student, he used to watch Ann Miller flash her gams in the hottest club in town. Phil hands over his ticket, and as the unlikely couple floats around the empty ballroom, the cares of both are momentarily lifted.

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