Ends of Empire (Wraith: The Oblivion) by Bruce Baugh, Richard Dansky, Geoffrey Grabowski, Ed Huang

By Bruce Baugh, Richard Dansky, Geoffrey Grabowski, Ed Huang

This Is the best way the Underworld Ends
Charon returns. The Smiling Lord unleashes his final weapon - and his final treachery. The Ferrymen satisfy an old promise. Necropoli are besieged by means of the Jade Empire. Stygia faces its maximum hazard ever as chaos shakes the Labyrinth to its foundations and unleashes the 6th nice Maelstrom. it's the Empire of the Dead's darkest hour - and will good be its last.

It Is Time to harvest the Whirlwind
Ends of Empire is the beautiful 12 months of the Reckoning end to the epic Wraith: The Oblivion storyline. It includes a four-part experience that takes characters from the streets of Necropolis: London to the councils of Charon himself. additionally integrated is the total "Guildbook: Mnemoi," plus an in-depth examine Ferrymen, a final look on the Jade Empire and the realization of the continued Wraith fiction storyline. The occasions of this publication have direct influence on Hunter: The Reckoning, the 6th of the fashionable Storyteller video games.

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