Experimenting with the quantum world by S T Lakshmikumar

By S T Lakshmikumar

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24. When the star moves towards the observer, if light is faster, it reaches along with the light emitted at an earlier instant. When the star moves away from observer, if light is slower it reaches along with light emitted later. Thus one should expect a series of ghost images of the star which are in fact never observed. While the argument is not considered to be absolute since there can be changes occurring to the state of the light as it travels from the star, the lack of ghost images is a very striking result and similar results have been obtained more accurately with orbiting satellites.

If due to fluctuations, the number is smaller than the required limit, no observation of the light can be made. Aside from indicating that light consists of particles, these results provide an insight into the rate at which photons are emitted. In an ordinary light source, there is no reason for the emission of photons to be at a regular rate. Thus during a small interval of time, the number of photons emitted varies significantly. This tendency is called photon bunching. In the next chapter some light sources are introduced where the rate of emission of photons is stable, leading to interesting properties.

The superfluid will continuously drip from the bottom of a filled container and the process will continue till the container is empty. The superfluid can flow up the edge in very thin films, because of its lack of viscosity. In recent years other experiments have spectacularly demonstrated the boson characteristic of atoms. Any atom with an even number of fermions will have a net spin of zero and will be a boson. Many experiments have been performed on 87Rb. This atom consists of 37 electrons, 37 protons and 50 neutrons.

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