Explode the Code 3 by Nancy Hall, Rena Price

By Nancy Hall, Rena Price

Explode The Code offers a sequential, systematic method of phonics within which scholars mixture sounds to construct vocabulary and skim phrases, words, sentences, and tales. common evaluation of formerly

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Equally, an unobserved, sluggish, ill-adapted, scrappy, frantic, over-indulged, crude and uncontrolled few swipes of the paint brush, not knowing when to stop with chisel marks on the scultural piece the student is working on or adding a few further written lines of a poem may erase the correct expression one once had. Alternatively, a crudely played set of music notes, a dance movement performance, or a sketched scene in a play, for example, may be something that the student wants to retain because such incidents are beginning to indicate an alternative provocation of an idea that on reflection they are now imaginatively seeing the potential of its lively physical properties that once was anonymous to them.

A student may be good at posing aesthetic questions but poor at aesthetic, media based, art construction activity. They may be able to ask the right questions but still not be able to take those steps to aesthetically create the evidence of achievement in performance and production. There is a correspondence between what the mediaappearance of the art contains in it and the activity creation of it that connects to ideas exploiting different distinctions and theories about art. As Arthur Danto remarks 31 CHAPTER 3 when mentioning Bishop Berkeley’s theory of mind: “what the mind contains are ideas, and ideas are just their contents, so the difference between a cow and the idea of a cow is not there to be drawn by Berkeley, who is after all eager to identify cows with the idea of cows” (Danto, 1981, p.

Does it makes us feel part of a social group so that we blend in anonymously, or does it single us out while still feeling part of a social group? Certainly we know what the measurements and cutting patterns are doing, we known their intentions and the craftsmanship involved in it, what the different tools are used for that correspond to the cutting, shaping, sewing and pinning but let none of this obscure the fact that the design concept is responsible for all subsequent decisions and intentions and how everything ought to be made and look.

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