Fluency and Accuracy: Toward Balance in Language Teaching by Hector Hammerly

By Hector Hammerly

This publication indicates suggestions to the matter of inaccuracy that effects from emphasizing fluency. The institution of an interlanguage is preventable, the recovery of stability counting on a greater realizing of skillability and of the jobs of cross-linguistic effect, systematic guide, and the "deep" correction of error. The author's name is for extra acceptable theories of language.

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A large American telephone company rewired its entire system with fiber optics in 1987 after having installed a new system in 1983. An attitude I call 'neophilia' (strong attraction to the new) is characteristic of modern life. Having its likely origin in the fact that new devices tend to be better than earlier ones, and fueled by the advertizing industry, neophilia has resulted in continual consumption, at least for those who can afford it: Who wants to have just an old record player if one can get into CD or DAT?

Had their errors disappeared, as predicted by CAN/SLACC/I/'Immersion' advocates? We found that nearly 54% of the simple sentences they produced contained one or more grammatical or vocabulary errors (we counted as errors only what no French speaker would say, discounting colloquialisms, false starts, self-corrected errors, and so forth). Many of the errors these young people made were of the most basic kind: verbs with wrong endings and tenses, missing or incorrect auxiliaries, and even infinitives instead of conjugated forms; wrong or omitted prepositions; frequent errors in gender, even with very common nouns; and so on.

As idealistic as aiming for Alpha Centauri (the nearest star) may seem, it might possibly get us there, or to Mars it has already gotten us to the moon. Students can't attain excellence if we don't even give them a chance to attempt it and this, sad to say, is too common in language programs. When excellence is not stressed in the field of languages, when students are simply encouraged to communicate freely without regard to language structure, they may enjoy the immediate gratification and may even feel exhilarated about it.

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