Forest of Tears (MERP ICE #8015) by Charles Crutchfield

By Charles Crutchfield

This complement attracts adventurers into the mysterious Suza Sumar, a rainforest thriving in barren region sands. The Honnin, a hidden humans on the topic of the Woses of the Ered Nimrais, reside among the boles of the good timber, harvesting the forest's bounties and zealously guarding their secrecy. regardless of their warning, the darkish Lord's schemes quickly may perhaps boil out of the wooded area of Tears to overrun all of a long way Harad.

Explore the sunspeckled twilight underneath the boughs of the wooded area of Tears. Amidst the songs of brilliantly feathered birds, a small humans struggles with its insane gods, combating to maintain the traditions of its age-old society intact. keen about secrecy, the Honnin are afflicted through a cannibalistic spirit who preys on its worshippers and a Tavari seduced by way of Sauron's gives you of energy. those risks threaten viewers to the mysterious woodland of Tears.


- FULL-COLOR MAPS: together with a neighborhood map and a map of the close by urban of Bozisha-Dar.
- 3 fascinating ADVENTURES: confront an order of the Honnin priests rationale on guarding the secrecy of "The Hidden Shrine"; avenge the dying of a Haradan early life in "The Tower of Birds"; and strive against an area goddess pledged to Sauron's carrier in "The urban of Pred".
- exact LAYOUTS: of all event sites.
- statistics: for Honnin monks and clergymen, beasts of the Suza Sumar, and one of many robust Tavari.

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Reflections, by Ibn Schacabao (British Museum) Language: English; Mythos Gain: +8; SAN loss: -104/108; Spell Multiplier: X2; Study Time: 27 weeks; Spells: Calli Dismiss Angel of Music (Tru'nembra), Call/ Dismiss YogSothoth, Contact Denizens of S'Glhuo The Revelations of Glaaki 9 out of 15 volumes (Brichester University) Language: English; Mythos Gain: +15; SAN loss: -106/ 2D6; Spell Multiplier: X3; Study Time: 32 weeks; Spells: Call/Dismiss Azathoth, Call/Dismiss Daoloth, Call/Dismiss ShubNiggurath, Contact Byatis, Contact Eihort, Contact Glaaki, Contact Ghroth, Nyhargo Dirge, Summon/Bind Being from Xiclotl Saracenic Rituals, (British Museum) Language: English; Mythos Gain: +3; SAN loss: -1/ 103; Spell Multiplier: X3; Study Time: 6 weeks; Spells: Contact Bast, Contact Sebek; Invoke Djinn (Summon/Bind Byakee), Invoke Invisible Servant (Summon/Bind Star Vampire) Notes: lbis work is actually a chapter from De Vermis Mysteriis covering the spells Ludwig Prinn learned while in the Middle East.

ItaLicized spells or spell components are flawed and will not perform as described. The Book of Dzyan (Wharby Museum) Language: 'Chinese; Mythos Gain: +9; SAN loss: -m3/ m6; Spell Multiplier: XI; Study Time: 14 weeks; Spells: Call Forth Childe of the Woode (Swnmon/ Bind Dark Young), Call Forth Wind Spirit (Swnmon/ Bind Byakhee), Call Forth the Unseen Walker (SlUnmon/ Bind Dimensional Shambler), Dream Vision (Contact Cthulhu) Confessions of the Mad Monk Clithanus (British Museum) Language: Latin; Mythos Gain: +9; SAN loss: -m6/ 2D6; Spell Multiplier: X4; Study Time: 29 weeks; Spells: Contact Mad Cthulhu, Contact Follower of Mad Cthulhu (Star Spawn), Elder Sign Cthaat Aquadingen (British Museum) Language: Latin; Mythos Gain: +13; SAN loss: -m8/ 2D8; Spell Multiplier: x3; Study Time: 46 weeks; Spells: Bring Forth the Great One (Call/Dismiss Bugg-Shash), Call the Black, Dreams from God (Contact Cthulhu), Dreams from Zattoqua (Tsathogghua), Dreams from the Drowner (YibbTstll), Speak with the Sea Children (Contact Deep Ones), Speak with Father Dagon, Speak with Mother Hydra, Speak with God-Child (Contact Star-Spawn of Cthulhu), Nyhargo Dirge CuLtus Maleficarum, the Sussex Manuscript (Wharby Museum) Language: English; Mythos Gain: +'7; SAN loss: -m3/ m6; Spell Multiplier: X2; Study Time: 36 weeks; Spells: Call/ Dismiss Azathoth, Call/ Dismiss Cthugha, CaLl/Dismiss Hastur, Call/ Dismiss Nyogtha, Call/ Dismiss Shub-Niggurath, Calli Dismiss Yog-Sothoth, Contact GhouL, Contact Nyarlathotep, Contact Sand Dweller, Dominate, Dread Curse of Azathoth, Dust of Suleiman, Elder Sign, Powder of Ibn-Ghazi, Resurrection, Shrivelling, Summon/ Bind Byakhee, Swnmon/ Bind Fire Vampire, Summon/ Bind Servitor of the Outer Gods, Voorish Sign; Notes: This is a very muddled and incomplete translation.

Its greatest desire is to return to Lgy'hx and obliterate the native species there. While it fully intends to turn Earth into a Shan playground, the extermination of the inhabitants of Lgy'hx is its fondest wish. Walter Cargill 111e Walter Cargill who existed prior to 1989 no longer does. For all intents and purposes, that man was killed when the Shan tenant took up residence in Cargill's cerebellum. Before then, Cargill had been a successful aircraft designer. He had worked on Britain's Blue Streak and Black Arrow rocket programs in the 1960s, and the X-series satellites in the 19705.

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