Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (Dungeons & Dragons d20 by Rob Heinsoo, Ed Greenwood, Skip Williams, Sean K. Reynolds

By Rob Heinsoo, Ed Greenwood, Skip Williams, Sean K. Reynolds

This is often the 3rd variation liberate of the Forgotten nation-states crusade atmosphere for Dungeons & Dragons and a couple of alterations were made because the earlier books have been released through the previous TSR, Inc. crucial replace was once to include the numerous revisions to the sport process with the third version replace. a number of nearby feats, personality attributes, status periods, spells, and NPC records all use the recent rule set.

The paintings has additionally made a few amazing updates to the crusade atmosphere, together with the common presence of crimson Wizard enclaves in quite a few towns, the presence of a mysterious staff known as the Shadovar within the southern Anauroch wilderness, and the expanding floor presence of drow within the Dalelands. The surroundings heritage has been up-to-date to mirror many of the significant occasions, corresponding to the alterations to the Faerûnian pantheon because the Time of problems, and the defeat of the Tuigan Horde.

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S l i m e ca kes t h e floor. A PC who succeeds at a DC 25 Knowledge ( history) check recognizes the statue as being of Runelord Alaznist. At one point, Runelord Alaznist could animate this statue from afar, and used it to observe the Laboratory and communicate with her minions. Since Earthfall, the link between this statue and Alaznist has fallen quiet, and the statue itselfnow only radiates faint divination. A successful DC 20 Spellcraft check reveals that the statue once may have served as a sort of remote observation device or even as a guardian, but now no longer functions.

The floor o f this room lies 1 0 feet above s e a level, a s evidenced b y the churning water i n the silo-shaped cistern to the southwest. This room serves as a feeding ground and den for the water spiders that dwell below in area B37-among the bodies of various fish left here by the spiders are a few jigsaw sharks and a hapless, long- dead fisherman. The webbing on the floor here makes the entire room function as difficult terrain. The cistern has a ceiling that's 30 feet above sea level. An alcove in the south wall contains several old lead pipes that once siphoned sewage and waste from other rooms above into this cistern.

Creatures: This room currently serves as the personal quarters of Ayala Javeski, the leader of the Tower Girls. A pair of loyal donkey rats caper in the main room-they squeal and shriek if anyone enters the room, female human or not, quickly alerting Ayala to the intrusion. She spends the maj ority of her time either studying various relics and treasures that her girls have recovered so far, sparring, plotting her next moves in a number of j ournals, or (zs% of the time) sleeping in area B23a. If the alarm is raised, though, she's hiding in area Bz3a, ready to attack intruders.

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