GameMastery Module: Entombed With The Pharaohs by Michael Kortes

By Michael Kortes

The ruined pyramid tombs of the traditional emperor-gods of Osirion are eventually open to exploration and the race is directly to plumb their depths and rescue their useful treasures. Entombed with the Pharaohs is a wilderness event for mid-level characters, appropriate with the world's hottest delusion roleplaying video game, and a part of the GameMastery module line. the journey comprises info at the urban of Sothis and the traditional tomb that lies within reach, in addition to information on rival adventurers bent on attending to the treasure first. GameMastery Modules additionally comprise 4 pre-made characters so avid gamers can bounce correct into the motion and full-color maps and handouts to reinforce play. Do your heroes have the desire and the wits to outlive the pyramid-tomb of the pharaohs and the energy to fend off the hoard of treasure-seekers scorching on their path?

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Statistics Str 14, Dex 13, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 15, Cha 10 Base Atk +2; Grp +8 Feats Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot, Weapon Focus (unarmed strike) Skills Climb +4, Jump +8, Knowledge (religion) +3, Listen +6, Spot +6 Language Common Gear sai (6), 6 gp Appendix 3: New Monster Osirion Mummy The mummification process of ancient Osirion results in a variant mummy. Although the Osirion mummy appears very similar to normal mummies—a desiccated husklike creature, draped in embalming wrap adorned with hieroglyphics—the Osirion mummy differs slightly in ability.

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He’s a cagey, calculated killer who just happens to be able to mix it up with his scimitar when the need arises. ; Listen +1, Spot +4 module J1 Defense AC 20, touch 12, flat-footed 18 (+4 armor, +2 Dex, +4 shield) hp 49 (6d10+12) Fort +8, Ref +5, Will +3 Offense Spd 30 ft. Melee mwk scimitar +9/+4 (1d6+5/18–20) Ranged mwk hand crossbow +7 (1d4/19–20 plus poison) Atk Options sneak attack +3d6 Tactics Before Combat Hrokon typically loads his purple worm poison bolt in his hand crossbow. During Combat Hrokon maximizes his sneak attack by firing his hand crossbow at flatfooted opponents before coordinating flanking attacks with Xaven.

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