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This booklet describes, through the use of uncomplicated innovations, how a few geometrical buildings conventional at the present time in lots of parts of physics, like symplectic, Poisson, Lagrangian, Hermitian, etc., emerge from dynamics. it's assumed that what should be accessed in real stories whilst learning a given approach is simply its dynamical habit that's defined through the use of a kin of variables ("observables" of the system). The ebook departs from the primary that ''dynamics is first'' after which attempts to respond to in what feel the only dynamics determines the geometrical constructions that experience proved so beneficial to explain the dynamics in such a lot of very important circumstances. during this vein it truly is proven that the majority of the geometrical buildings which are utilized in the traditional displays of classical dynamics (Jacobi, Poisson, symplectic, Hamiltonian, Lagrangian) are made up our minds, even though quite often now not uniquely, by means of the dynamics by myself. an identical software is entire for the geometrical buildings proper to explain quantum dynamics. ultimately, it truly is proven that extra homes that let the categorical description of the dynamics of definite dynamical platforms, like integrability and large integrability, are deeply on the topic of the former improvement and should be coated within the final a part of the ebook. The mathematical framework used to offer the former software is stored to an straight forward point during the textual content, indicating the place extra complex notions should be had to continue extra. A relations of appropriate examples is mentioned at size and the required rules from geometry are elaborated alongside the textual content. despite the fact that no attempt is made to give an ''all-inclusive'' advent to differential geometry as many different books exist already out there doing precisely that. notwithstanding, the improvement of the former application, regarded as the posing and answer of a generalized inverse challenge for geometry, results in new methods of considering and concerning one of the most conspicuous geometrical constructions showing in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics.

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The Poisson bracket of any two functions f, g on T ∗ Q is defined as: { f, g} = Jij ij ∂ f ∂g . 77) It is easy to show then that: 1. The Poisson bracket defined by Eq. 76), is an R-bilinear skew-symmetric map { f, g} = − {g, f }, that satisfies the Jacobi identity, {{ f, g} , h} + {{h, f } , g} + {{g, h} , f } = 0, for every triple of functions f, g, h, and that: 2. , { f, gh} = { f, g} h + g { f, h} . 3. If { f, g} = 0 for any function g, then f is a constant function. We will say then that the Poisson bracket we have defined is nondegenerate.

Z m ji ij Again, d f a,N /dt = 0 leads to B † N + N B = 0, B † a = 0. But B † = −B and, unless some of the frequencies vanish, this implies: a = 0. Quadratic constants of motion are therefore of the form f N (z) = z † N z, N† = N, [N , B] = 0 . 2 Equations of Motion for Evolution Systems 19 matrix. In the generic case, the requirement that N should commute with B forces N to be diagonal, and we have only the m independent constants of motion E i = |z i |2 , i = 1, . . , m, and any other quadratic constant of motion will be a linear combination with real coefficients of the functions E i .

Z m )T ∈ Cn , and B is a diagonal matrix ⎛ ω1 ⎜ 0 ⎜ ⎜ . B = −i ⎜ ⎜ . ⎜ ⎝ . 0 0 ω2 . . 0 ⎞ ... 0 ... 0 ⎟ ⎟ ... ⎟ ⎟. . ⎟ ⎟ ... ⎠ . . 65) After an essentially trivial reshuffling of variables, it can be shown that the matrix A˜ is precisely the realified counterpart of the complex matrix B (see Sect. 3). 18 1 Some Examples of Linear and Nonlinear Physical . . We can now adapt to the complex formalism the discussion of symmetries and constants of motion for the harmonic oscillator. , b ∈ ker B.

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