Ghostwalk (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.0 Fantasy Roleplaying by Monte Cook, Sean K. Reynolds

By Monte Cook, Sean K. Reynolds

Welcome to the Ghostwalk crusade, a excessive myth roleplaying atmosphere. In a few very basic methods, it truly is like many different campaigns for the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® video game; it's a international with magic and monsters, with gods and demons, and with stories of an afterlife that waits for heroes and villains alike. avid gamers create desktops, DMs create adventures, and also you carry them jointly, leading to nice stories of bold heroism.

The one vital distinction in a Ghostwalk cam- paign is this—when your personality dies, you don’t need to cease taking part in. as a substitute, you could continue the adven- ture going, taking part in your personality as a ghost and ben- efiting from a complete new set of abilities and skills. Ghosts in a Ghostwalk crusade are easily the spirits of the useless. they don't “haunt” areas or humans the best way they do in different settings (although that observe is typically used to explain the house of a ghost). the following, they're free-willed, free-roaming spirits. actually, a few characters may well take pleasure in themselves extra as ghosts than they did as residing beings.

The urban of take place rests atop ruins from precedent days and much above the doorway to the land of the useless. the following, the realm of the dwelling is shared both with the deceased, who linger in actual shape prior to ultimately passing in the course of the Veil. no matter if presently dwelling or lifeless, citizens and viewers are guaranteed of an eternity of motion and intrigue.

Ghostwalk includes every thing had to run a stand-alone crusade in and round the urban of take place, or to combine it into an latest global, together with principles for taking part in ghost characters and advancing within the new eidolon and eidoloncer periods, numerous new status periods, over 70 new feats and sixty five new spells, 3 whole adventures, 4 hugely exact come upon websites, and fourteen new monsters and templates.

To use this accent, a Dungeon grasp additionally wishes the Player’s Handbook, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monster Manual. A participant wishes merely the Player’s Handbook.

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This is a mind-affecting ability. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1). Unlike magic jar, you do not control the target, but simply ride along in the target’s body. You see, hear, smell, feel, and taste what the subject does. You may remain within a host for a number of minutes equal to 10 × your Hit Dice, after which you are expelled automatically. When you leave a body, any ghost touch equipment you were carrying with you at the start of the possession reforms with your ghost body.

Benefit: You can use wild shape two more times per day than you otherwise could. If you are able to wild shape into an elemental, you also gain one additional elemental wild shape use per day. 32 You can make your ghost body more diaphanous and difficult to detect. Benefit: As a standard action, you can increase your racial bonus on Hide checks from being a ghost to +8 for 1 minute. Fast Wild Shape [Special] You can assume your wild shape faster and more easily than you otherwise could. Prerequisites: Dex 13, ability to wild shape into a dire animal.

This feat first appeared in Defenders of the Faith. You can teleport yourself a short distance. Prerequisites: Incorporeal Form, Wis 11. Benefit: As a standard action, you can transfer yourself up to 30 feet from your current position, as the spell dimension door. Expanded Possession [Ghost, Dominator] You can ride or possess an additional type of creature. Prerequisite: Ghost Ride. Benefit: Choose one type of creature, such as giants. You may use any feat from the path of the dominator on that sort of creature as if it were a creature of your own type.

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