Greater Harad (MERP ICE #3111) by William E. Wilson

By William E. Wilson

South and east of the burning sands of a long way Harad lie the towns of Sîrayn. They command the thriving alternate routes of higher Harad, a fertile riverine area tucked among the cruel wilderness and the daunting spires of the Yellow Mountains. Dynasties come and move during this monstrous, cosmopolitan oasis. Amidst mercantile rivalries, a brand new terror confronts the Haradrim. Akhôrahil the Ringwraith - the bleak typhoon King - plots the conquest of larger Harad.

Seek your fortune within the lands of better Harad the place merchant-lords dominate the roads and sinister tyrant enthroned in Tûl Isra principles the as soon as self sufficient towns. darkish minions sway the population, and slavery flourishes. Whispered stories approximately Obed of the Másra trace that the hero's mythical guns lie unclaimed in a ruined catacomb.


- 22" x 17" FULL-COLOR MAP depicting the region.
- three FULL-COLOR urban MAPS exhibiting Tûl Isra, Tûl Harar, and Charnesra.
- certain LAYOUTS of the traditional mines underneath Ghabaras, the haunted caverns of Moghóly Dask, and different experience sites.
- IN-DEPTH info at the peoples, cultures, politics, alternate routes, and warcraft dominating the river valleys of higher Harad.
- STATS AND heritage info for widespread contributors akin to Tartas Izain, the Taraskon of Tûl Isra, and his evil Nazgûl grasp, Akhôrahil the typhoon King.

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Profession: Smith/Warrior/Fighter. Home: Tu1 Harar; originally Khazad-dum. RM Stats: Co103; SD86; Ag99; Me90; Re77; StlOl; Qu95; Pr99; In 56; Em57. Appearance: 68. Skills: Percep 75; Ride 18; Climb 51; Swim 36; TrapsLocks 15; Stalk 35; Hide 25; Runes/staves 2 0 Caving 88; Gambling 60; Weapon Smithing 127; Armor Smithing 107; Stonecrafts 60; Adr. Moves Str. 65; Boxing 95; War Hammer 1 4 0 Crossbow 110; Dagger/Fighting Knife 115. PRINCIPAL ITEMS S ‘thing Hammer - Enchanted black eog. Intelligent.

The opportunity to escape never occurred. While standing on a slave block in TU1 Isra, awaiting sale, Gimthor gave way to total despair. As he prepared himself to kil1 the slaver who stood by him on the auction block, he hardly noticed the two cloaked figures whoquickly drove the price beyond what any others in the crowd could afford. He began to raise his manacled arms to deal the blow that would end the slaver’s life and his own, but was stopped by a harsh whisper in Sindarin. The two cloaked figures approached.

Tfilimi embodies many of the characteristics associated with the Vala N h o . ) THE NATURE OF THE CITY Housing around 18,000 residents and an average of 3,000 visitors, TG1 POac (aka “Sud Ti3lima”) is a huge settlement by the standards of the desert. Its well-protected and exceptionally strategic position, coupled wjth its thirteen major and seventy-two minor wells, make it uniquely suited to its role as the main oasis on the Mirror of Fire and the principal inland city in sbutheastern Harad. Virtually every caravan moving goods between Raj and the Bay of Ormal stops here.

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