Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East (Werewolf: The by Heather Curatola, Harry Heckel, Kathy Ryan

By Heather Curatola, Harry Heckel, Kathy Ryan

On Hemmed-in flooring, inn to Stratagem...

The Wheel of a long time turns gradually to the age of blood and fireplace, the age that the Westerners name the Apocalypse. The ghostly roars of battles but to come back resound within the Yang nation-states, and the cries of untamed devils echo among mountaintops. And the beast-changers, the moon's young children -- the hengeyokai -- listen all of them. The tigers watch the sunlight descend; the goblin spiders move slowly within the shadows; the foxes whistle to each other; the dragons lower than the mountains wake. The time of serious struggle is here.

On determined floor, Fight!

Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East info the werecreatures of Asia, their sorcery and strategies, and their blood enemies. What's extra, there's details at the spirit international of the East, in addition to environment info at the center country and the Beast Courts. ultimately, the elusive werefoxes -- the Kitsune -- seem in all of the aspect of a altering Breed booklet right. forget about this knowledge at your individual risk.

Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East includes:
-details at the many altering Breeds of the East, together with Hakken Garou, Tengu and Zhong Lung
-Full information at the Kitsune; a complete altering Breed ebook incorporated within
-Specific cosmology at the Asian spirit worlds, new presents, rites and powers, antagonists and more

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He is one of the few great dragons still awake; his power extends over the waters surrounding him and boils from his mouth in the form of fire that devours even metal and stone. Many whisper that nuclear tests in the Pacific have angered Gajyra beyond reason; others claim that Banes have seduced the seneschal, leading him down a path of corruption. It has been 50 years since the Dragon King has been seen in public. Despite the seneschal's efforts to control speculation, many tales circulate through the court, indeed, throughout the Umbra as to the fate of the Dragon King.

Young hengeyokai should be warned: The nobles of the courts are tied to each other in many ways. If a hengeyokai should offend a lord in a spirit court, he may find himself facing the enmity of many Ministers. Proper behavior is exceedingly important to many of the spirits. At all times, a hengeyokai should be careful with what he says and how he acts in the courts of the spirits. By the same token, if a hengeyokai shows ang realms are places of light and power where many spirits allied to Gaia gather or hold sway.

Although all hengeyokai agree on the basic nature of Yang Realms and Yin Realms, they have many disagreements on the number and placement of these places in the Tapestry. Travelers can reach the Tapestry from the Mirror Lands by following moon paths or dragon tracks. Most of The Stork-spirits that glide through the Tapestry have no particular allegiance to anyone other than the Mother herself. They are willing to aid friendly hengeyokai, but must be somehow compelled to even speak to Kumo, fallen shapeshifters, Kuei-jin with powerful P'o energy or any other suspicious character.

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