Hollywood Gothic: The Tangled Web of Dracula from Novel to by David J. Skal

By David J. Skal

The primal snapshot of the black-caped vampire Dracula has develop into an indelible fixture of the fashionable mind's eye. It's acceptance issue competitors, in its personal perverse manner, the familiarity of Santa Claus. such a lot folks can recite with out prompting the salient features of the vampire: sound asleep through day in its coffin, emerging at nightfall to feed at the blood of the dwelling; the power to shapeshift right into a bat, wolf, or mist; a mortal vulnerability to a wood stake in the course of the middle or a shaft of sun. during this seriously acclaimed expedition during the lifetime of a cultural icon, David Skal maps out the archetypal vampire's relentless trajectory from Victorian literary oddity to motion picture idol to cultural commidity, digging in the course of the populist veneer to bare what the prince of darkness says approximately us all.

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