How to Be a Good Atheist by Nick Harding

By Nick Harding

For millennia clergymen and holy males have informed numerous conflicting stories approximately humanity's genesis and destiny, whereas additionally asserting a person without religion is evil, immoral, and chargeable for societal ills. For these bored with those contradictions, bored to death with listening to approximately divine mysteries while there are no, and offended by being informed they will hell, atheism is a well-liked and logical solution. This publication includes all you must find out about what to pack to your trip at the enlightening street to atheism, together with motives of the 5 varieties of atheism and the distinction among an atheist and an agnostic—a time period invented by means of T. H. Huxley, recognized for his safety of Darwin—as good as how a deist differs from a theist. study why Christians have been initially known as atheists; read about Lucretius and his fellow materialists; and revel alongside atheists who fortunately don't have anything to guard.

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Christians hated it, as did his fellow Jews who ousted him from their community for heresy. Later pantheists were Hegel (1770– 1831), JG Fichte (1762–1814) and Schelling (1775–1854). Fichte countered Kant’s idea of the ‘thing in itself’ in his Critique of Religious Revelation of 1792 and saw ‘god’ as the simple active moral order of the world. In another fine example of theistic tolerance, he was swiftly accused of atheism and booted out of the University of Jena. The Age of Enlightenment The cause and explanation of what you do not understand may perhaps be the simplest thing in the world.

The happiness of man came to be seen as the only measure of right and wrong. It was a variation of ‘consequentialism’ – in which the morality of an action was judged by it consequences. Bentham contributed to reforms of the Poor Law as well as proposing annual elections, the use of secret ballots and male suffrage in his work Catechism of Parliamentary Reform of 1817. He can still be seen in the hallway of University College London. , the religious aspect of the Enlightenment was just the starting point.

There was no one great institution able to dictate methods of thought and to bully disbelievers. Dissent would have been more prevalent. What is very clear though is that, for millennia prior to Christianity, humanity did just fine. All this unnecessary talk of messiahs being sent to save us was, and still is, patronising. We don’t need saving, then or now. It is interesting to speculate how much more advanced we would have been had we not had to deal with the anti-intellectualism of the major faiths that have developed in the last 1,700 years or so.

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