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Frequency Domain The displaying of electrical quantities versus frequency. Handshake Lines Fringing The unwanted bordering of an object or character with weak colors when there should be a clearly delineated edge. Dedicated signals which allow two different devices to exchange data under asynchronous hardware control. Handshaking Full Duplex Simultaneous two way independent transmission in both directions (4 wire). See Duplex. Exchange of predetermined signals between two devices establishing a connection.

The PAL standard displays 25 video frames per second. Integrated Services Digital Network. A fairly recent generation of worldwide telecommunications networks that utilize digital techniques for both transmission and switching. ITU International Telecommunications Union. Jabber Garbage that is transmitted when a LAN node fails and then continuously transmits. Jumper A wire connecting one or more pins (on the one end of a cable only, for example). g. 1 kilometer = 1000 meters) K In computer terminology, a K is 210=1024.

00. 7V. 23 Successive Approximation Converter The conversion process is as follows. Initially all n bits are reset to zero in the SAR. Starting with the most significant bit (MSB) bn-1, each bit is set to 1 in sequence. The DAC converts the newly formed binary number into a corresponding voltage which is compared with the input voltage. If the input voltage exceeds the DAC output, then that bit will be left on. Otherwise it will be reset to zero (off). After n cycles, the SAR will hold the correct bit pattern which is then latched on to the output lines.

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