In a Wicked Age by D. Vincent Baker

By D. Vincent Baker

During this depraved age...

...Gods, demons and mortals cope with each other for power...

...Law and civilization are new, and nobody is their master...

...A basic midwife can set in movement the downfall of tyrants and nice empires...

...Your delivery isn't yours to decide on, yet your destiny is what you're making it.

In a depraved Age
sword & sorcery roleplaying


Indie RPG - 2008 - Runner Up in so much leading edge Game
Combines the hoariest of old-school traditions -- the random come across -- with the last word in story-building.

Indie RPG - 2008 - Runner Up in video game of the Year
Influential, intuitive and evocative, In a depraved Age... places the existence again into delusion function play. Eschewing heavy atmosphere for punchy events iteration, the sport additionally re-defines the relationships among the characters and the gamers. Over shadowed via the catchiness of the Oracles, prolonged play of the sport has the capability to create tale with the complexity of novelistic or epic structure.

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E secret central shrine of a temple to forbidden gods. A new village built on the ruins of a forgotten people. A place where warring demons have left the earth churned, upthrust, and charged with occult forces, and the wizard seeking its power. e burglary of a magical order’s innermost library. A ruthless bully of an under-officer with high ambitions. e father of a child possessed by a voracious spirit. An unsavory treasure-seeker, with an honest map. A trainer of apes, bereft, mourning the death of his dearest performer.

4 5 A token indicating that its bearer speaks for the high general. 6 7 8 A speaker for the ancestors, carrying secrets and warnings. K 30 A staff of white wood, summoner of lightnings, and the war-magus bearing it. 3 9 10 J Q A vengeful and jealous god, displeased by the lapses of his followers, however scrupulously they observe. A secret order of warrior-mystics, defending their relics. A great army’s marching orders, passwords, and signals, and the unfortunate aide who lost them. A demon of rage and avarice, secret power behind a great tyrant’s rule.

7 A squat town on the banks of a wide, long river, rich from plunder, whose men raid up and down the river in their ugly boats. 8 A decrier of the gods as false, unworthy of our attention, and his learned detractors, in heated dispute. 9 A young widower, raging, whose beautiful wife was murdered by sorcery by a romantic rival. 10 J Q K A wayhouse in which plague-victims have recently stayed. A poor home shared by many families of beggars. A wealthy merchant-priest with much political clout. 34 A conjurer who needs blood to entice his uncouth spirits.

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