Intimacy and Isolation. by John G. McGraw

By John G. McGraw

This interdisciplinary ebook matters character, specifically intimacy, largely love, and its absence in states of aloneness, basically loneliness. the writer argues that standard and preeminently supranormal personalities are mainly constituted by means of intimate connections. Correspondingly, he proposes that the intense scarcity of such shared inwardness is the nucleus of each form of character abnormality.

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These aberrants are, in short, too ego-centered to be involved in the kind of ego-transcendence needed to become primary solitaries. Moreover, both internal (subjective, or mental) and external (objective, or physical) solitude present the danger of riveting the attention of the pathological personality even more on itself. 22 PERSONALITY DISORDERS AND STATES OF ALONENESS The self-absorption of the individual with a personality disorder, which reaches its conscious culmination in the narcissistic aberrant, therefore, is not to be confused with the solitaries’ self-reflexion and self-reflection.

91–92). The loneliness experienced by dependent personalities drives them toward others and away from being alone in solitude, a condition that itself is a main means of overcoming the fear of emotional isolation. In their ethical loneliness and existential aloneliness, the excessively dependent type of persons may opt to live inauthentically in what has been termed the pseudoexistence of “the crowd” (Søren Kierkegaard), “the herd” (Friedrich Nietzsche), the anonymous “they” (Martin Heidegger), “the mass man” (José Ortega y Gasset), and similar depictions.

Such a definition can be applied to all the states of aloneness and their members, namely aloners. However, unlike some aloners, recluses habitually disengage themselves physically and socially from others. , pp. 35–37). A secluse (seclusive) can signify the aloner who volitionally keeps apart, ordinarily socially and physically, from some or even all others. A secluse can also pertain to that type of aloner who lives in enforced isolation such as one who is quarantined due to a contagious disease.

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