Judo (Athletic Institute Series) by Sadaki Nakabayashi

By Sadaki Nakabayashi

4 excessive score jap Juudoka and a most sensible American trainer have labored jointly during this completely illustrated booklet to take you thru the fundamental concepts of Judo, «the light art». One special characteristic of this e-book is that the place valuable in every one picture (all were taken from movie movie) the opponent is pointed out with an «O» in order that because the place shifts you're not burdened.

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Thanks a thousand times over to family and friends who offered encouragement and kindness when we needed long hours, days and weeks to drive this book the length of the field. For AnnaLee Harmon and Sylvia Cameron, no words are enough. Without you, it couldn't have happened. Kudos, too, to the very patient Bob Snodgrass of Addax Publishing Group, who brought this concept to life and then put it into print. And finally, our deepest gratitude to those remarkable people who made this project possible in the first place: the players, coaches and support staff who have turned BYU football into such an amazing success story.

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