Kissinger: The Secret Side of the Secretary of State by Gary Allen

By Gary Allen

An engaging look at Kissinger's personality and his far-reaching, harmful impression on politics either within the U.S. and in another country. It was once best for me to examine his character and the way he looked as if it would anger nearly everybody round him at one element or one other (except the folk he was once particularly operating for, the Rockefellers) and the way many of us felt betrayed through him, him wiretapping every person round him.

"It isn't tricky to trust William Loeb, maverick writer of the Manchester (New Hampshire) Union-Leader, who wrote:

'Perhaps Kissinger rather is a communist agent.Certainly, he couldn't do any further damage to the U.S. or any further stable for the Soviet Union if he were!'

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S. taxpayers who will have to foot the bill. Nor did the interim agreement delight the Israelis, who were literally arm-twisted into accepting it. S. Secretary of State. In The Secret Conversations of Henry Kissinger, Golan portrays Kissinger as an inveterate gossip who delights in malicious stories about the leaders with whom he negotiates. "He seems to have a need to prove to the world -- and to himself -- how great he is", Golan writes. " Golan charges that Kissinger: • • • Blamed the Pentagon for holding up the airlift of arms to Israel, when he himself was responsible for the delay; Told Israel he would not negotiate a cease-fire with the Soviet Union, and then proceeded to do so; Encouraged Israel to score a decisive, last-minute military victory over the Arabs, then garnered more headlines by a grandstand demand for a halt in hostilities.

Authors Phyllis Schlafly and Chester Ward (in Kissinger on the Couch) accuse the Secretary of State of knowingly misleading Congress regarding Red Chinese nuclear capabilities. During a SALT 1 briefing, for example, Kissinger said, "our estimate of the Chinese nuclear capability is still approximately what it was at the time that Safeguard was developed -- implying that in the years 1969 to 1972, the Red chinese were at a stand-still in nuclear weapons development. But back in February 1970, Defense Secretary Melvin Laird acknowledged that the Chinese were already able to test an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

So much so that some suspicious critics believe the Rockefeller-Kissinger team "put in the fix" at the beginning. S. provided massive support to Israel, which in turn induced the Arabs to cut off supplies of oil to the West. S. oil companies to increase domestic prices a few cents a gallon every week; meanwhile, oil-producing nations doubled and tripled crude oil prices. The American oil firms with interest in both camps -- that is, those companies that are part of the Rockefeller-CFR team -- made a bundle.

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