Lance Armstrong's War: One Man's Battle Against Fate, Fame, by Daniel Coyle

By Daniel Coyle

Lance Armstrong's warfare is the intense tale of greatness driven to its limits; a brilliant, behind-the-scenes portrait of possibly the main complete athlete of our time as he vies for a historical 6th directly victory within the hardest wearing occasion on the earth. it's the precise tale of a superlative activities determine battling on all fronts—made newly weak by means of age, destiny, reputation, doping allegations, a painful divorce, and an exceptional military of challengers—while learning the enormously tough trick of being Lance Armstrong, a mixture of world-class athlete, big name, general man, and, for lots of american citizens, secular saint.

With a brand new afterword via the writer, that includes in-depth reporting on:

  • Armstrong's exceptional 7th consecutive journey de France victory
  • New blood doping allegations
  • Armstrong's carrying on with own and criminal battles, and his retirement

a desirable trip throughout the little-known panorama motorcycle racing, Lance Armstrong's conflict presents a highly insightful look at the usually inspiring, regularly extraordinary center of a outstanding athlete and the realm that shapes him.

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Armstrong hooted to no one in particular. ” “We think of other things,” Ferrari said. ” CHAPTER 4 THE NICEST GUY The multiple difficulties of defeating Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France have been distilled into a theorem by Bob Roll, the former professional cyclist and OLN commentator. Roll’s Law consists of two axioms set against each other like a riddle: 1. The way to beat Armstrong is not to make him mad. 2. Beating Armstrong makes him mad. However, Roll’s Law does contain a small opening of logic, and it is this: The way to beat Armstrong is to do it so that he doesn’t know you are beating him.

What’s Ullrich doing right now? And one that seemed to be on his mind at the moment—what the hell was this book all about? I’d done the customary journalistic groundwork, written letters describing the book I planned to write, explained my project to Stapleton and others. But Armstrong wasn’t about to fling open his door on my say-so (and, frankly, I would have been surprised if he had). No, this book was a question to be analyzed, another game to be played. I recalled speaking with the journalist Eric Hagerman, who had worked six months on a perceptive profile of Armstrong for Outside magazine.

It wasn’t the kind of sound that comes from a body, more like something you hear in the forest. ” For a moment, the two men stared at each other. Then Armstrong stood up. Flexed the hip. Tested it on some stairs. Then thanked Spencer and walked off the bus and onto the stage. Armstrong never spoke to Spencer about it again. “For you or me or almost anyone else on the planet, that’s an INSIDE THE VAULT 33 unbelievably traumatic, scary moment,” Spencer said. ” Put together, the three qualities form a potent combination, a system of ascertaining, attacking, and blocking out that requires vast quantities of fresh stimulus, new contests to engage in.

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