Legends & Lairs: Wildscape by Various

By Various

The definitive d20 process source for desert adventures and campaigns

Following within the culture of Dungeoncraft and Cityworks, this worthwhile toolbox supplies gamers and DMs every little thing they should create and run memorable myth adventures and campaigns within the untamed wasteland.

New innovations ofr druid characters, together with druid nation-states that let avid gamers to customise their druids' spells and talents.

New kinds for ranger characters, together with two-handed struggling with and spear-fighting, in addition to new ideas for non-spellcasting rangers.

entire descriptions, dangers, and stat blocks for quite a lot of terrain kinds, together with deserts, forests, mountins, swamps, and wastelands.

accomplished ideas for climate and weather, together with ready-to-use stat blocks for a number of storms and stipulations.

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If you’re a talented orator and a gifted storyteller, then you can probably weave an enthralling description that etches your vision of the land in your players’ minds. But for the rest of us, repetition is the key. If the players keep hearing about how hot the land is, or how the trees in the forest are dark, twisted, and foreboding, then their own imaginations will take off and produce an image as vivid as anything a brilliant novelist can create. 29 CHAPTER TWO: Wilderness Campaigns To keep track of your descriptions, add details on it to your notes.

As the encounter begins, have them each take a card. You can read a brief summary of the rules and have them write down key phrases, DCs, and modifiers. In this manner, you ensure that the players are clear on how terrain works and they have reminder cards ready to use. Waist-Deep Water: • +2 squares movement • Cover against ranged attacks • +2 save versus fire-based attacks and spells This brief list allows you to reference the terrain’s effects at a glance. It focuses on issues that are likely to come up in play and players are likely to forget.

Key Terrain Features After thinking about the general traits and features of an area, look back at your initial notes and think about any distinguishing landmarks in the area. At this point, you should start working on creating a map. A sheet of graph paper with one square equal to one mile works well for detailed areas, though for regional maps you can increase the scale to 10, 25, or 50 miles. At larger scales, it might be best to avoid going into too many details. At that level, you should focus on general trends 31 CHAPTER TWO: Wilderness Campaigns and the very basic details of the continent’s geography.

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