Leisure programming for baby boomers by Lynda Cochran, Anne Rothschadl, Jodi Rudick

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3. Even this one-page plan will help you develop a more thoughtful approach to attracting baby boomer customers to your programs. Objective: What will you accomplish with this marketing plan? What are your goals? Target audience: Who will you reach? End users: Who are the people you directly serve? Gatekeepers: Who influences your end users (for example, doctors influence their patients, clergy influence members of their congregations, realtors influence new homeowners)? Budget: How much money and time will you invest in order to reach your marketing goal?

Yy Baby boomers do not like being told no or that a class or event is full or sold out. yy Boomers can be impatient and will not want to stand in line to register for a program. The key to your marketing mix is to choose vehicles within your time and money budget that will work the best to reach your target audience. Mass media advertising Some media may fall into more than one category. For instance, your Web site has the potential to reach mass, even global, audiences; but it also can include promotional tools such as contests, giveaways, or information about special events.

1). When you are evaluating marketing results—successes or failures—this expanded marketing mix enables you to explore much more than your promotional activities. In other words, if your programs aren’t filling up the way you’d hoped, the problem may not rest in your promotions alone—brochure, Web site, or ads. The problem may lie in one of the other P’s. These are some of the possibilities: •• Your price may be too high for retirees on a fixed income. •• Your place might be geographically inconvenient.

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