Leveraging Legacies from Sports Mega-Events: Concepts and by Jonathan Grix (eds.)

By Jonathan Grix (eds.)

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0009  Holger Preuss To better capture this complexity, the six event structures can be related to branches/industries. 2 displays this, for example, for ‘Economy’ and other branches. 2 should be read from right to left. 1c) and how these are translated into the six event structures and can then be reflected regarding the different branches/industries under consideration. The six event structures can be planned (Preuss 2007) or non-planned and can capture tangible and intangible effects. All changes can be reflected on a particular branch/industry.

For example, tourist expenditure when attending an event is only an economic impact, but not a legacy for the tourism industry. g. new iconic buildings, new museums, better access to a beach) will regularly come and spend money due to a more attractive city. The legacy is only given if the event leaves a frequently higher economic activity, which obviously can only be the case if location factors of tourism make a destination more attractive than before. 4 illustrates this change by using Keynesian cycle theory.

It is existent before and/or after the event. It can be long or short.  It develops new opportunities out of an initial impact and may obtain its own dynamic when the environment changes.  It can be both positive and negative. Sometimes the same legacy can be positive for some and negative for others.  It can be tangible and intangible.  It can be individual, local, international and even global.  It can be caused indirectly by the event impact. 1). The word ‘impact’ is generally used to describe the change in a contextual indicator or ‘environmental parameter that results from a particular activity’ (IOC 2009: 27).

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