Lords of Gossamer & Shadow (Amber Diceless Role-Playing by Jason Durall

By Jason Durall

Your Player's offerings and motion are way more random than cube!

Our global is yet certainly one of untold many, a flux of probability stuck within the fight among shape and cacophony. continuously, those forces are at conflict, shaping the countless worlds. The immortal, self-appointed sovereigns of conflict stream among planes of truth with impunity: they're creators, shapers, and destroyers of worlds.

In Lords of Gossamer & Shadow, you're stuck up during this monstrous clash. own exact and idiosyncratic magical artifacts, command legions drawn from the myriad of otherworlds, and wield exceptional powers that adjust the very substance of truth. even if born into it or getting to know it later, your personality has inherited a legacy of incredible power... and with it nice danger!

Lords of Gossamer & Shadow is an unique sourcebook and role-playing online game utilizing Erick Wujcik’s Diceless Role-Playing process (used in Amber Diceless Role-Playing). this can be a standalone product with an unique atmosphere, notwithstanding it really is appropriate with Amber Diceless Role-Playing.

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Detecting Imperfections or Weaknesses. An Umbra Master can detect any flaw or imperfection within a thing (defined as a living being, a material object, a structure, a process, or even a mode of thought), and views that flaw, however minute, as an opportunity for influence. In practical terms, the Umbra Master “sees” the presence of the Umbra manifesting in a manner appropriate to An Umbra Master can unmake reality. the type of thing being examined. A wall would show a minuscule crack or structural flaw, and a sword may show a weakness in the metal it is made of: a point at which, if struck, would shatter the blade.

Though the existence of the Stair is not directly connected to the Eidolon, an Eidolon Master is able to discern the presence of a Door when encountering one in a Gossamer world. The nature of the Stair is such that no matter how it is disguised it does not “match” the Gossamer world stuff, and will stand out like a sore thumb. The distance a Door can be detected is mostly a matter of the Eidolon Master’s Psyche: the higher the Psyche, the greater the range. Once a Door has been located and/or identified, the Eidolon Master can call upon the Eidolon’s power to open the Door to the Grand Stair if it is not otherwise locked or sealed.

The initiation begins with an invocation, a maddening chant that unlocks the channels within the mind that preserve rational thought. At that point the Umbra takes over and the pilgrim simply goes on an unpredictable walkabout, ranging the Earth (or whatever Gossamer world they call home), leaving a ragged hole in reality. When the initiation is complete, the pilgrim has died, discorporated, or has become one with the Umbra. They may be thousands of miles away from where they started, but they are an Umbra Master, able to evoke that great power at will and use it to and use it as an extension of their new mantle of power.

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