Mortal Remains by Matthew Grau, Fraser McKay

By Matthew Grau, Fraser McKay

The Enemy Of My Enemy remains to be My Enemy

The New Earth govt. a spot of growth and wish. an international rigorously
crafted by means of the powers that be to offer lives to these it protects. The final desire of
humanity in a time while it kind of feels as though our gentle may be extinguished perpetually. The
Migou. Beings who've constantly considered the Earth as their yard, for use
and abused as they are going to. Creatures stuck unaware through what we have now develop into and
intent on destroying us due to it.

Enemies sure to the mortal coil, possibly quickly to be ate up through it – and every

Live on the earth of the NEG, exploring society from the streets on up. stroll
within the worlds of politics, faith, and mainstream society. become aware of what the
growing identification of the Nazzadi is all approximately. discover the darkish finish of the streets
where vice and crime stay. Or become aware of the area of the alien bugs from Pluto
and even discover it as considered one of them. Peel again the veil and notice the Migou for what
they really are – and perhaps even respect them for it.

Nowhere else will you discover a atmosphere like this.

Inside this ebook you are going to find:

  • Seven items of provocative brief fiction to aid painting the texture of the setting.
  • A specific exploration of the recent Earth govt, to provide you a true notion of
  • what it’s wish to reside within the atmosphere on a regular basis.

  • Explore intimately why the Nazzadi have been made, who they inspiration they have been, and
  • who they've got become.

  • New personality thoughts, together with new Nazzadi features and enjoying Nephilim
  • handlers.

  • An advent to new expertise, together with new mecha tech, 4 new mecha,
  • ten new automobiles of conflict, and the mysterious Nephilim.

  • A exact exploration of the hidden international of the Migou, pulling again the curtain to teach you who they are surely and why they’re here.
  • Full ideas for designing Migou Characters and telling Migou tales, together with
  • two Migou races and 6 professions.

  • A ready-to-play starter tale for Migou video games, in addition to a number of Migou tale
  • hooks, to begin you off correct away.

    This booklet is intended for use with the CthulhuTech storytelling video game and calls for
    the middle Book.

    This booklet is meant for mature readers. It comprises darkish and stressful content material
    and pictures. Reader discretion is suggested.

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    Denmark is a major front against the Migou. New Earth Government forces have built up there to prevent the Migou easy access to the continent. The city of Copenhagen is now nothing more than a giant military base, its residents evacuated to safer places like Odense. The city is also home to a variety of festivals, including the Museumsuferfest, one of the largest cultural events in the world, and is a city filled with fine art. On a pop culture note, the city is one of the originating places of the dance music style known as Trance, which has become one of the most popular styles in the world.

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