Near Death in the Mountains: True Stories of Disaster and by Cecil Kuhne

By Cecil Kuhne

“He wrapped the rope round his physique, received able to rappel and leaned again. status approximately 5 toes from him, I heard a pointy scraping, without warning Ed was once flying. i'll see him fall, wordless, fifty toes loose, then strike the steep ice below…he used to be sliding and bouncing down. He handed out of sight, yet I heard his physique bouncing. There wasn't an opportunity of his preventing for 4,000 feet.”—From David Robert's The Mountain of My FearIn those thrillingly real stories of slender brushes with dying, Cecil Kuhne has gathered quite a lot of tales that express the remarkable energy of the mountains. Spanning 5 continents, from the frosty tip of Mount McKinley within the lifeless of the wintry weather, to the unexplored vastness of the Himalayas and past, this can be a pulse-pounding number of catastrophe and survival on the best of the realm. additionally featuring:• Joe Simpson's Touching the Void—An inspiring tale of a climber who topples right into a icy crevasse and, notwithstanding crippled, ravenous and frostbitten, nonetheless manages to move slowly to rescue. • Jon Krakauer's Eiger Dreams—Reaching the bounds of his personal mountain climbing talents, the writer makes a very important selection even if to courageous the treacherous greater altitudes or go back to base.• Nando Parrado's Miracle within the Andes—The lovely first-person account of a Peruvian rugby team's plane crash within the Chilean Andes and their harrowing trip down the mountain for support.

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Although there were few moves that were technically difficult, the climbing was continuously insecure. A thin crust of ice lay over deep, unstable powder snow. It was easy to see how Ragone had fallen; it felt as though at any moment the snow underfoot was going to collapse. In places where the wall steepened, the snow cover thinned and our ice axes would ricochet off rock a few inches beneath the crust. It was impossible to find anchors of any kind in or under the rotting snow and ice, so for the first two thousand feet of the climb we simply left the ropes in the packs and “soloed” together.

The wind dropped a little but the snow fell more steadily and more thickly. Snowflakes whirled round us, snow heaped on every irregularity of the rocks and plastered the wool of our caps, jackets, and trousers with an icy crust. Thus we started the descent, doubly difficult as we were retracing our steps not only because of the blizzard but also owing to the fact that we had been technically defeated by the rocks. Clinging to my small holds, I peered down into the fury of the elements, trying to locate a red arrow in all this white hell.

Coming,” I answered, partly because I had no breath left to give him a longer explanation which would have been unavoidable had I said “No” or “Not yet”; and partly, I have to confess, because I felt ashamed. Why this was so I do not know. Who can fathom completely his own feelings? There was, I imagine, some loss of face for having failed in a pitch which my companion had overcome brilliantly, if not easily; but there was also, I know, more than a prick of conscience for having dared to attempt more than my training should have allowed me to undertake.

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